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Carina Chargois chosen as Regional Middle School Student of the Year


The annual competition has multiple steps. First, all public schools, including charter schools, and non-public schools are asked to submit one candidate from their student body. Students then compete with their peers at the school system level, and winners advance to the regional competitions. Carina was chosen as the Vermilion Parish Middle School Student of the year in January.  She went on to Lake Charles to compete at the regional level in February, where she earned the title of Regional Middle School Student of the year.  


At the regional level, students were selected based on criteria that measure academic achievement, leadership skills, character, and service to their schools and communities. Regional selection committees also use student-made portfolios of accomplishments, along with student writing samples and interviews, to assess the communications and critical-thinking skills of each candidate. Carina was also chosen at Vermilion Parish Elementary Student of the Year in the 5th grade.


Carina is very active in her community and volunteers every month at St. Joseph’s Diner in Lafayette.  She is the starting point guard for the 8th grade basketball team, participates in 4 different track and field events, and is the starting pitcher for the school softball team and summer travel softball teams.  This summer her Kaplan Voodoo 12U softball team placed third in the Pony Softball World Series.   


She was chosen as a student ambassador for the People to People Student Ambassador Program.  Through this program she was able to represent Vermilion Parish while traveling to Italy, Sicily, and Greece for 28 days during the summer of 2015.  


She also excels academically.  Beginning with her 5th grade year, and every year since, she has been taking online courses one grade level above her assigned grade so that she will be able to take more dual enrollment courses during her senior year. She took the ACT last month and made a 25 composite score as an 8th grader.


She says that her family and friends are very important in her life and that she doesn't know what she would do without them.


Carina is the daughter of C.J. and Tina Chargois of Kaplan.


The state Student of the Year competition will be held on Wednesday, April 5, 2017, at the Louisiana Department of Education in Baton Rouge.