VPSB Scores

LDOE Simulated School Performance Score...

Today, the Louisiana Department of Education has released the 2020 Simulated School Performance Scores. Despite the loss of instructional time during COVID, hurricanes and ice storms, the state decided that a simulated school performance score would be issued regardless of these factors. In addition to this, 25% of our Vermilion students completed the year as virtual students which meant a completely different type of instruction. Despite this, we are pleased to announce that Vermilion Parish once again ranked in the top 5 school districts in the state with a simulated district performance score of 88.5. Letter grades were not assigned to any of this year's scores. This is not an official score, but rather a score for data analysis for each system.

As a district we had areas in which we experienced growth and some in which we had a slight dropoff in scores. We had schools whose SPS went up and others that slightly declined. All of our schools however experienced growth in at least one subset of there score.

Knowing the lost time we went through with the hurricanes and the lack of 1:1 technology for virtual learning days, we were not completely surprised by the slight decrease. I am actually pleased with the outcome by all despite the obstacles. 75% of the districts in the state experienced drops in score as well. Vermilion was right in line with the rest of the state.

We will continue to look at the data and are confident that our students will continue to work hard and give their best efforts to excel as we work towards our score for 2021.

A big thanks to all the students, teachers, and parents who went through a most trying educational year. All in all we know that we have the systems in place and will continue to work on making up lost learning and move forward to greater successes in the coming years.

Thomas J. Byler